Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday cop-out: two giant round ups of NaNo advice.

I'm writing this a couple of days early, as I often do my posts, and agonizing over the US election details even though it's hours before we'll know anything. (I hope it's only hours, and not 2000 reprised.)  I'm hoping to get a post done before week's end on my own NaNo progress, but I am not sure I can concentrate enough to write a real blog post today, let alone actually work on said NaNo project.

Here are two rabbit-hole links for you, to keep you busy till I get my head back on. As always, I'd love to hear which tips are your favorites.

Galleycat: sixty NaNoWriMo tips in one post

Nathan Bransford: NaNoWriMo Resources

And did you see that Avon Impulse is soliciting NaNo romance manuscripts in December? I adore Avon, but are they really looking for unrevised work? What do you guys think?


Delphine Dryden said...

Wow, Avon. And I thought I was a glutton for punishment.

I've always been a huge NaNo pusher, but one of the pieces of advices I always give is, "don't think writing a book in November means you'll be submitting it places in December."

Don't most agents/editors have kind of a running eye-roll joke about the December/January influx of NaNo manuscripts?

Adele Carsson said...

Wow. I could understand if they were trying to streamline how to pick through the influx of unedited manuscripts by directing those NaNo submitters to a different site, but Avon is pushing them to the standard Avon Impulse upload page. Yikes!

Maybe it's just great, inexpensive marketing? All those writers and prospective readers, visiting the Avon site...

Jessica Brockmole said...

Yeah, that's all I can think of, that it's a way to drive up traffic to their site. To specifically solicit NaNo manuscripts, and in December, that is just opening up a can of worms, in my opinion. Courtney, I'd be curious to see if there is fallout from this, like an increase in romance submissions in your inbox come December from Wrimos emboldened by Avon's invitation.

Kara said...

I always wondered if that old tale was true...about agents and editors getting a slew of NaNo stuff on December 1st... I agree with all of the above that asking for that stuff in December is suicide. Who will be reading all of that mess? I also agree that it may be a ploy to send readers to the website. Hm...interesting. I'm afraid to follow the links...I have spent enough time away from my own work today ;)