Friday, November 2, 2012

Fridaydream: eight strange rituals of productive writers.

Love this list of strange writing rituals. I'm definitely going to try #8 this month. (Okay, probably not. I am a terrible lightweight.)

Which one is your favorite? Any to add?

Also, for the duration of NaNo, the Friday post comments section will be your chance to show off about your word count. How's it going so far?


Jessica Brockmole said...

Great article! I put on my music (contrary to the article, it's *with* words, and I even sing along while I write) and make a cup of green tea. At some point in the day I switch to coffee and then, later, sometimes, red wine. But I always have to have my music on. Loudly.

And I'm only at 1200 at the moment. Haven't yet started on today's words....

Kara said...

I think I'll try #8 even if I don't write this weekend ;). So far I'm at 1726...but I haven't written yet today. I'm hoping to jump ahead a bit so I have a little wiggle room later in the month. Fingers crossed!

Kara said...

Oh...I forgot my own ritual. It's my yo-yo. I can't write without it. Just...don't ask.

Kaye Draper said...

I admit to items 1-5. While I don't sit around in my underwear, I think my pajamas are often close enough! I try it whenever I can manage to get away with it ;)
And while it's not an every time ritual- I like to look at pictures. Art, photos, you name it. I have pinboards on pinterest that I fill for each of my ideas. Helps me daydream, I think :)
No NaNo count for me, but good luck to all of you who are participating!!

Mina Lobo said...

Wandering around Europe, trying to get lost (#2) sounds like a dandy ritual to me!
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