Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridaydream: armchair travel

Where have you always wished you could visit, but haven't (yet)?

This is a favorite website of mine-- it's also, I think, a really charming example of how efficiently one can craft a character "voice."

Iceland wants to be your friend.

It's also check-in day for NaNo: how's it coming?


Jessica Brockmole said...

Oh, goodness, where do I begin? There's a list. A lengthy list. Northern France, Belgium, Cyprus, most of the Balkans, Morocco, New Zealand ...need I go on? Now I have to add Iceland to that. I do armchair travel when I can. At the moment I'm in early 20th century Paris.

As for NaNo, steadily working towards my goal. Have been making my (modified) word count each day.

Adele Carsson said...

Mongolia, Antarctica, and the Sahara. Anything that screams, "Stay alive here and you can accomplish anything!"

There is a documentary, Running the Sahara, that I find absolutely fascinating on so many levels, but especially because it makes me want to go there and experience the place firsthand.

There's also an Antarctica marathon that has been on my "Marathons to Run" list for years.

But first...there is writing to be done! I'm not "officially" doing NaNo, but this month have been inspired by your blog posts to log 24,000 words across two manuscripts. And not just words like "really," "very," and other throwaway qualifiers! I also use "and," "the," and "lots" quite often.

Kaye Draper said...

This link was so cute! Iceland has always been on my list. There are so many places! I want to go everywhere... but for now I settle for reading about places and dreaming. Oh and pinning beautiful pictures to pinterest... you know... when I really SHOULD be doing something productive ;)

Amy said...

Alaska, via kayak or tall ship (or both?)
Scotland (of course. You could have told ME that!)
As for NaNoWriMo-- I'm rocking this week! I just hit 30k!

Jenny H said...

I would like to check into a hotel. It can be anywhere. As long as it does not contain my husband, son, or boss (all of whom I love, I will say for the record), has room service and maybe a giant TV, I'm good.

As for NaNo, I'm slightly, but not terribly, behind.

Chelsie said...

I'm not much of a traveler anymore; after visiting and falling in love with Arizona, where I will one day live even if I have to replace my husband (joking), I thought I'd seen everything I needed to see. But the link to Iceland you posted has convinced me that I have one more place to visit. I hope Iceland is just as friendly in person as it is online.

As far as NaNo goes, I'm not signed up, but I'm participating in my own way. I've made a fair amount of progress on my manuscript, at least. I think I'll actually sign up next year. I have a few ideas.

Adele Carsson said...

Jenny, I love your dream destination! It reminds me of a quote from the movie Date Night:

"If anything, I fantasize sometimes about being alone...just sitting in a quiet, air-conditioned room, sitting down, eating my lunch, with no one touching me, drinking a Diet Sprite, by myself."