Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stakes Motivation Turns Escalation

The New York Magazine cover story this week about Mindy Kaling is delightful, and segues nicely into my (still-to-come) post about likeable heroines. The title of my post is from a sign Kaling apparently puts up everywhere: the four pillars of a good comedy story, according to The Office creator Greg Daniels.

Will you be watching The Mindy Project? Do you like sitcoms? I tend to eschew the laugh-track variety myself, but there's something very "comfort food"-y about the genre as a whole.

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G.M. said...

You've made a good observation describing sitcoms as comfort food. Sometimes I open the TV, watching a sitcom and pass the time comfortably. Seinfeld was the only sitcom that I wanted to see every week. When I'll find out at what day/time is the Mindy Project, I'll watch a little just to keep in touch with what's going on. Going back to novels, it's very difficult to write a novel with humour.