Friday, September 14, 2012

Fridaydream: writing implements.

Lately I've been wanting a fountain pen. I had one in college; they're much more common in England, where I was studying at the time, and I found a Waterford at the "Everything's a Pound!" store. (Really!) I loved it, even if it did take a while to get the hang of not smearing my hand through the wet ink. I'm right-handed, or I probably would have mastered this by second grade.

But ages ago the nib dried up and I couldn't get it to write again, no matter what I did, though I think I still have it somewhere. I'm thinking about getting another one, but I don't actually NEED another pen.

Still, there's something different about writing with a fountain pen; the thoughts seem to flow differently.

What's your writing implement of choice? It's okay to say "my computer."


G.M. said...

I don't recall using a fountain pen but it creates an atmosphere to inspire thoughts. I write my novels with the computer but some authors do not. I live in a building complex that includes a major bookstore. Almost all authors coming to Canada to promote their books stop there. Last week, for example, we had Emily Giffin. The most interesting event was with Jeffrey Archer from England. He told us that he writes his novels with a special pen, not with a computer. I don't recall if it a fountain pen or not. If you hear that Jeffrey Archer is talking in a bookstore in Manhattan, you might wish to attend.

Kara said...

Has to be Sharpie fine point pens. Blue, black, purple...doesn't matter. And I have to use a plastic covered composition book for notes. NOT the marble-y cardboard covered ones. Nope, plastic cover, college rule. Panic will ensue if I lose either of these things. Yes, the cray-cray is just barely contained beneath the surface. Yes, yes it is.

Shoshanna Evers said...

Has to be a computer for thoughts come out faster than I can write with a pen, or speak them. My fingers are very very fast, and even they can barely keep up with my thoughts when I'm writing (probably why I can write a book in a month, lol).

Can't you get some new ink for that Waterford, Courtney? Doesn't work still?

Jessica Brockmole said...

Yep, computer for me. But I have a lovely fountain pen my husband made for me that I use for brainstorming, which I like to do by hand.

Courtney Miller-Callihan said...

@Giora: special pen, yes that's it exactly!

@Kara: the notebook thing is a WHOLE 'nother can of worms. Maybe next week's post.

@Shoshanna: nope, I've used GALLONS of water and other solvents trying to unclog the nib, with no luck. It was a cheapie, as I noted, and I'll get another one some day soon.

@Jessica: MADE for you? Details please :)

Connie Kronlokken said...
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Connie Kronlokken said...

My only problem with my beloved fountain pen was the occasional blobs of ink on my clothes. When it got to my white cotton nightgown, that was the end.

Journaling with pens, absolutely, in the proverbial moleskin notebook. It's an addiction! But for fiction writing, yes, the computer.

Jessica Brockmole said...

My husband, amongst other things, is a woodworker, and he loves making pens, though he's branched out from only turning wood. He made me a gorgeous fountain pen that I have since written into a Certain Story.