Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Five tools for outlining your next novel

Via Galleycat, here are five tools for outlining your next novel. Some of these are really inventive!

What's your favorite technique? Anything from this list you're planning to try?


G.M. said...

I found it too complex to folow. I looked at the first tool of Excel, where you have to estimate how many pages you write for each chapter. I write a few pages for each chapter and then go back and expand each chapter, without planning how many pages will be. The five tools of outlining are probably useful for organized authors, but not for someone like me. But it's great that these tools are available for those who need them.

Kara said...

Trello looks REALLY interesting...it might be something I check out. Logical Kara likes the color coded lists ;). Recently, though, nothing beats the old notebook and pencil routine.

Sal said...

Thanks for sharing the link.
I am using Google Docs.
Installing Google Drive in addition to that has been really helpful for me because I like switching computer. Now, drag & drop is all I need to do after each work session.

Best wishes from Germany,