Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Prompt and Mini Contest: The Best Money I Ever Spent

Here's another writing prompt for you.

The Best Money I Ever Spent

I'm really eager to hear what you come up with for this one, so let's do a MINI CONTEST: pursuant to this week's blog post about how to write a bio paragraph in your query letter, winner gets a bio paragraph critique here on the blog.

As before, post your response to the prompt on your own blog, and put a link to the post in the comment section below. Let's give this one a deadline of Monday, September 26.

Tell your friends. If I get at least 20 contest entries, I'll post my own response to the prompt next week.


Anonymous said...


Fun contest!

I've posted my entry on my blog. Here's the link...

Christi Corbett

Kim Batchelor said...

And here's my attempt:

Sara Rayne said...

Here's mine!! (finger-crossing commencing ... now!)

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a bit late, but here goes anyway. Mine's called Pest Control.

The link is:


Jo Eberhardt