Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writing Prompt #7

I've got a bunch more prompt ideas that I'm excited about, so these will be coming a little faster these next few days. Hope you like them too.

Here's the latest:

What ELSE might you do in Reno that could land you in Folsom Prison?

CONTEST! Post a response (on your site, with a link in the comments section here) to any of my writing prompts between now and August 26, and I'll pick one winner whose query letter I will then critique on the blog the following week. (We can remove the identifying details, if you want; we'll figure that out later.) I'm not promising representation, but I'm not ruling it out either...

Tell your friends!


Sherita said...

This was fun!! Here goes..

Unknown said...

Fun one. Thought I'd do a Johnny Cash tribute.

fOIS In The City said...

Either I did not send you my prompt yesterday, or it has somehow vanished without a trace :)

I posted #7 on Monday and then #8 for Tuesday. Please look below the most current comment post I sent for this one. It was probably my tech-deficit disorder.

Here is Writing Prompt #7: