Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing Prompt #4

New prompt!

(This one's for you, NYC in the summer.)

The Worst Smell in the World

CONTEST! Post a response (on your site, with a link in the comments section here) to any of my writing prompts between now and August 26, and I'll pick one winner whose query letter I will then critique on the blog the following week. (We can remove the identifying details, if you want; we'll figure that out later.) I'm not promising representation, but I'm not ruling it out either...

Tell your friends!


Allan Petersen said...

Here is my response to this prompt. Thanks again for doing this, Courtney -- inspiring!

fOIS In The City said...

Here I am ... out of order again :)
Thanks for this interesting contest, Courtney. You have a very unusual selection of prompts. I have a blog friend who does picture prompts also. These are also good writing exercises like doing brain yoga.

Hope you enjoy:

Sara said...

Too fun! I couldn't resist. This is an excerpt from my narrative non-fiction WIP. Thank you again!!