Friday, January 25, 2013

Would you make more money if you self-published? Maybe. Maybe not.

A thoughtful post from John Scalzi, in which he tries to put real numbers to the question of how much more money he would have made, had he self-published his most recent novel.

The eBook Path to Riches: Possibly Steeper Than Assumed.

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Shoshanna Evers said...

I think the best course of action (now, anyway, things change every day it seems) is having a finger in each pot - traditional, print, and self-pubbed ebook. Personally, I'd love a print deal where I retained ebook rights for the same book... maybe in the future...? ;)

One thing the article didn't mention is how you get a monthly check from Amazon, which is nice --to be able to count on that income. Since the payment is made based on two months ago, you know what you'll be making in any given month and can budget accordingly. That's very helpful for a full-time author such as myself.

Of course, knowing I have advance money coming helps too.