Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paging Kinley Baker!

Kinley, I still haven't heard from you regarding your win in the critique contest! Please get in touch with my via email ASAP so we can set this up-- if I haven't heard from you by Thursday the 10th, I'll run the random number generator again and give someone else a shot.

Happy New Year, all! How are those fresh new writing projects going? I hit the ground running with work projects last week and haven't come up for air much (I do love a mixed metaphor, don't you?) but I miss all of you on the blog. Any ideas for posts you'd like to see?


Jessica Brockmole said...

My fresh new writing project is going well! Of course, an idea would hit me right in the middle of holiday entertaining, and I'd have to manufacture a kitchen emergency so that I could find a quiet moment to scribble it down.

Kaye Draper said...

The current project is moving along nicely, and of course I'm in madly in love with it (I still have a while to go, I hope, before the MS and I have our first lover's quarrel). I'm working through this one in a different way, which has been interesting. I wonder if this experimentation, and each story having a different flow as you put it together is the same for established authors, or if it's a newbie thing?

I'm curious to know how YOUR project is going? Was Nano a success? Its so interesting to hear about agents and publishers and the like who have decided to try their hand at writing. You all have the scoop!

Jessica- "manufacture a kitchen emergency". I love it.

Jessica Brockmole said...

Sometimes the "emergency" was that I needed to open another bottle of wine....

Jenny H said...

I'd like to see a post with your thougts on romance subgenres. Any trends? Are we done with vampires and other creatures? (I'm not saying that in a snarky way...just curious). I also have a bunch of other idle publishing-world questions I've always wondered about. They probably aren't worthy of entire posts, but I'll throw them out anyway:

1. What the heck does it mean when you see a romance that says, "first time in print?" Like, did it have a life as a movie or something before? I've ALWAYS been confused about that. Unless it's meant to differentiate from a re-release of a backlist title? But how often does that happen?

2. Why don't they make movies of historical romance novels? I'm not talking about major theatrical releases, but cheesy Lifetime-esque movies? I seem to remember a few Barbara Cartland TV adaptations in my youth that I swooned over, and I (and about 800 other people I know) would get out the popcorn for a TV movie of an Eloisa James or Julia Quinn novel. How come no one ever sells (or buys?) those rights?