Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo: call for guest posts!

So we talked about NaNoWriMo a lot here last year-- but I admitted publicly then that I've never actually participated, myself!

Well, a number of my clients are dedicated NaNo-ers and have been pressuring me to try it.

Deep breath.

I'm not going to formally sign up (I don't think?) but... I'm in.

In the poll we did last week, about two-thirds of you said you were planning to participate in NaNoWriMo (hooray!), either formally or informally. I'm going to use that 2/3 split as a guide for November's blog posts: we'll do about two days of NaNo content, then one day of other stuff, and so on.

I need help with this, though, for two reasons.

1) Trying to write almost 1700 words a day of fiction is going to keep me pretty busy-- and I can't exactly quit the day job, can I?  So give me some ideas (NaNo-related or not) for posts I can pre-schedule, so I don't have a blog post AND my word count hanging over my head every day. What's a topic you wish I would cover? Maybe an advice column would be fun? Give me your best ideas for keeping the blog fed.

2) I'd also like to try doing guest posts for the first time. Let's keep them NaNo-related for now, but if you've got a great idea for a non-NaNo post you'd like to do, let me know that too. I'd love to hear from NaNo veterans, maybe with some words of advice or funny anecdotes, and from NaNo n00bs too, on the experience of participating for the first time.

I'll write some here about my own experience too, I imagine, but I'd rather hear from you.

I'll accept guest posts of most any length, but probably keeping it under 750 words is best. I'll link to your blog or your Twitter or whatever else you like. Email me if you'd like to participate!


Jessica Brockmole said...

Yahoo!! Oh, this is going to be fun.

G.M. said...

Congrats for going back to writing, whether it's during NaNo or not. Literary agents have vast knowledge of what is good writing and what publishers want to buy, so I'm surprised that many of them don't write novels. My idea idea for you is to blog only twice a week during NaNo. There's no need to put pressure on you and all those following this blog will understand. Focus on your writing adventure and best wishes. About NaNo and me, I don't have time to start a new project and I also don't understand the benefits of joining NaNo. Well, that can be a post for you to blog about: What are the benefits for writers to join NaNo?

Kara said...

Yes, PLEASE don't quit your day job ;). And I mean that in the nicest way possible...not the snarky way it is usually used! OH! And who will be reading your NaNo debut when you are finished? I vote for posting a snippet or two on the blog in December!

Courtney Miller-Callihan said...

Keep dreaming, Kara. NO. WAY.

slingsomeink said...

Yes, I love me some NaNoWriMo! After months of editing...I can't wait to go all Mozart on the keys. Been trying to convince CP's to take part...all who remain skeptical. I've had true drivel and odd genius come out in November. It's well worth it.