Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tell me a love story.

Or a no-love story, if you prefer.

This series at Narratively might get you started:

Tales from the dating scene

Happy Valentine's Day! If I could, I would send you each a box of those chalky conversation hearts.

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Amy said...

What, no love stories yet? Here's one:

Hey you! Yeah, you, the man I used to know.
Thanks for being such a jerk!
Because otherwise,
I might not have recognized
A truly nice man
When I found him.

Oh, and thank you for not appreciating me
Or ever thinking I looked good.
Because now I know that
To be admired is

Also, thanks for being mean,
And for not loving me as I deserve.
Thanks for not caring,
though I thought you once had.
Because guess what?
I now know the opposite.
I know that
Remarkably kind is,
And truly caring is,

I need to say thanks as well,
For making me sad.
Because now I know happy!
And in comparison,
Happy is
Amazingly wonderful.

Oh yes, and thank you for showing me
All the ways I should never be treated,
And for showing me what love is not.
Because now I love and am loved.
And to be loved is
Better than anything
I could have ever dreamed possible.

If you had only liked me a little more,
You know, just barely enough,
Then I might have been stuck with you.
And then I never would have found,
Or recognized,
Or appreciated,
What True Love is.